SPV Power Generation, Distribution and Cost benefit Analysis

Dr S N Sharan

SPV Power Generation and Distribution has been gaining momentum in last one decade. it's largely because of reduction in cost of Photovoltaic panels , which constitute almost 80% of the capital cost. Moreover, SPV panels are modular in nature , easily portable , can be installed in very short tme , can be erected in difficult terains like Hills and Deserts , being modular the installed capacity can be easily increased, if required, can be operated both in Autonomus mode as well as in Grid connected mode, its operating life range between 5 years ( Amorphus semiconductor based) to 20 years ( Mono and Polycrystalline semiconductor based) , based on nonpolluting and green technologies are the kind of advantages that are associated with SPV Systems. In addition , easy loan with subsidy is available from IREDA ( a financial institution ) for both individual Households as well as Community based Agencies. However, to make optimum use of this system we need to understand certain basics and be able to make minor repairins so as to reduce dependence on service providers. It is also very useful for Engineers of Service Agencies who may not have formal training in this technology or students who wish to develop expertise in this area. In order to meet the needs of all the personnel ,as mentiond above, around 8 hours module has been designed. The module ,broadly, will include following topics; (i) I-V Characteristis of Solar Cells(ii) combinations of pieces of solar cells to meet desred power capacity (iii) Encapsulation of Solar Panel (iv) Parameters of Solar panels related to efficiency and figure of merits (v) Measurements of Input parameter like Solar Radiation Intensity and (vi) Effect of weather parameters on performance of SPV Power Generator (vii) Cost benefit Analysis (viii) Regulations governing installation and utilization of SPV Systems

Who will benefit

Students from B. Tech and Polytechnique Institutes, Service Engineers from service providers and Engineers from SMEs

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